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BCM self-assessment questions:

These are only a few of the critical questions that business owners and partners must evaluate in order to protect their investments and assets. In lieu of the many national disasters that have severely impacted Americans in recent times, many under-prepared businesses have had to close their doors of operation forever.

Most commonly people define disasters as major natural events like flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. In reality, it's the smaller disasters like inclement weather, fire, water damage, the loss of vital records, technology failure and most importantly, the loss of key critical skilled employees that are most likely to be your next disaster and severely dismantle the success of your business.

Recent studies on Disaster Recovery show that 60% of businesses of all sizes never re-open after experiencing a major disaster. In addition, only a 30% likelihood success rate exists for the remaining 40% of businesses to survive past the one-year mark following a disaster due to damaged credibility, lack of customer retention and revenue loss.

Don't wait until the disaster strikes to ensure the continuity of your business!

BCM Diversified Solutions has an efficient and seamless way to get started today with our five step process that enables us to better understand our client's specific vision, needs and timeline. Our five step process will allow us to partner and quickly agree on the implementation process and ways of working.

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